Mercedes-Benz Tourismo World Premiere

About This Project

We were tasked to exceed the expectations of the ‘Mercedes-Benz’ brand, launching their new Tourismo line after nearly 20 years by delivering a truly memorable experience for guests. Our objective was to deliver the wow-factor and create a completely new dimension in product staging within an authentic brand environment.

As the general construction company, we handled everything from concept to technical execution, working closely with Epicto for LED technology, lighting, rigging, sound, stage, and set construction. Our standout achievement was creating the illusion of buses moving along scenic routes, highways, and city streets using floor projections, despite them being stationary on stage.

This unique brand experience seamlessly blended virtual and real elements, forming an incredibly lifelike scene called the “Dance of the Giants.” It required precision and concentration from our drivers, who flawlessly executed choreography to position the buses accurately within the digital projections.

We’re proud to have received the prestigious FAMAB Award in Bronze for Brand Activation.