The 1:1 Diet Live

About This Project

For the third consecutive year, we were entrusted to provide technical production for the highly anticipated 1:1 Diet Live event at the Telford International Centre. Through close collaboration with our client Richer View, we set the stage for an unforgettable event experience for all attendees.

To ensure the success of The 1:1 Diet Live, we closely collaborated with our client Richer View to establish an initial concept. Our brief was to refresh the look and feel while preserving the event’s core message from previous years. The stage design for 2023 was wider than previous years, so we had to create an effect spanning the backdrop keeping within budget. Our response was to utilise RGBW led battens to display changing colours and effects throughout the event.

Pre production and planning was key to ensure that the complex rigging behind the design concept was achievable in the timeframe.​ Throughout the entire process, from setting up equipment to managing logistics, we ensured everything ran smoothly. Through collaborative brainstorming and creative visualisation, we brought Richer View’s vision to life, delivering an event that exceeded expectations and set a new standard for future events.