Adobe MAX

About This Project

We collaborated with PIX PRODUCTIONS closely to bring this year’s Adobe MAX event at Evolution London to life. Adobe’s Operations and Creative team’s expectations for the event were high, with stunning content to showcase brand new products, requiring a seamless delivery of technical production, branding execution, expo pods, and print deliverables. The primary objective was to unveil and promote new products while offering an immersive and engaging experience for attendees.​

The primary requirements outlined by PIX PRODUCTIONS included providing a plenary setup that could seamlessly transition into four breakout rooms and back within 20min, each equipped with its own screen, control equipment, and silent conference headphones. This required thorough coordination and precise execution, highlighting our team’s technical expertise. Throughout the planning and execution phases, we maintained regular communication with the client, who operated in a different time zone. These meetings ensured that their requirements were met promptly, fostering a responsive partnership. 

Despite the technical complexity and tight timeline, we delivered a flawless experience, meeting PIX PRODUCTIONS and Adobe’s high standards and exceeding attendee expectations. The event was a testament to our ability to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional experiences for our clients.