ITV Studios Drama Festival

About This Project

ITV Studios Global Entertainment presented their spring drama lineup to an international audience at the second annual Drama Festival. Held at London’s iconic Roundhouse, the event showcased new titles from ITV Studios’ production labels and leading independent producers. 


We assisted ITV Studios in presenting their compelling dramas to international buyers, providing full technical production support for the festival, including lighting, video, sound, and draping, highlighted by a stunning 360-degree projection. 

Collaborating with event production designer Matt Gates, we created a captivating 360-degree projection setup to immerse the audience in storytelling. A large hero screen measuring 14.3m x 6.79m provided full 4K playback, complemented by 65 meters of custom voile draping around the venue’s pillars to seamlessly extend the content from the central screen. 


Partnering with in-house sound company Britannia Row, we implemented a 5.1 surround sound system, enhancing the cinematic audio experience. The combination of surround sound and 360-degree projection offered a fully immersive viewing experience, placing the audience at the heart of the action. 

A simplistic lighting design was employed to complement the video content and ensure optimal visibility of on-stage panel speakers while maintaining the event’s atmosphere.