Tom Ring

Director, Project Management
Meet Tom Ring

Starting as a Technician at Encore in 2007, Tom has a wealth of experience across a multitude of events from outdoor festivals to conferences and gala dinners.

Tom is now responsible for key accounts and complex projects within the UK, and the wider EMEA region, with clients such as BBC Studios and Adobe. 

What do you love most about your role at Encore?

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is having the opportunity to produce extraordinary events for clients. From the moment they come to us with their initial concept to the final delivery on-site, it is great to be involved in every step of the process. The satisfaction that comes from seeing their dreams come to life is truly unparalleled. Every day brings new challenges and experiences, which keeps things fresh and exciting. 


I also love the chance to meet new people and build lasting relationships with them. Whether it’s clients, vendors, or colleagues, I take great pleasure in getting to know each person on a personal level. It’s a truly gratifying experience to work with people from various backgrounds and cultures and to learn from them.

So, from your experience, how do you think the role of technical production within events has changed over the years?

As technology has become more complex and sophisticated, it has allowed us to produce even more complex and engaging projects that were previously unimaginable. This evolution has enabled us to create immersive experiences that can captivate audiences in ways that were never possible before. The use of augmented reality, virtual reality, and other emerging technologies has made it possible to create environments that are almost as good as the real thing. As a result, the role of technical production has become more critical than ever before, as event organisers rely on technology and technical expertise to create exceptional experiences that resonate with their audience.   

If you had to give some advice to someone who is looking to get started in the industry, what would it be? 

When starting out in the industry, my advice would be to begin by seeking employment with a great company that can provide you with a safe and supportive environment to learn and grow. Working for a reputable organisation will allow you to develop the skills that you need, as well as gain valuable experience and insights from more experienced colleagues. It’s also important to take on board the advice and feedback of others, as this can help you to improve your skills and abilities. Remember, learning is a continuous process, and every day you’ll encounter new experiences and challenges that will help you to grow and develop. By embracing new opportunities and listening to the advice of others, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful and respected event professional! 

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