Simon Wood

Group Production Director
Meet Simon Wood

Simon Wood boasts over 20 years in the production industry, transforming a team of five into a global production powerhouse. As Group Production Director for EMEA at Encore, he spearheads the identification, enhancement, and standardisation of production capabilities across the region. Simon’s background in stage management and extensive experience in theatre, television, and corporate events have forged strong client relationships and laid the foundation for Encore’s success.

So you’ve been with Encore for many years; how did you originally get into the industry?  

I have been in this business for over 20 years. I started at Hawthorn when we had only five full-time staff, a van, and many storage containers. I received stage management and technical theatre training, initially working in lighting design and then becoming a sound operator in touring theatre. I also worked in TV for a while. I enjoyed working in theatre, but eventually, I got interested in organising large-scale corporate events.

What do you love most about your job?

In the past, I used to appreciate watching my ideas come to life and the audience’s reactions. However, as time went on, I realised that there was something even more fulfilling than that – seeing the excellent work produced by the talented team we had built. Our company is blessed with exceptionally talented and passionate individuals. Watching them create something extraordinary fills me with a sense of excitement and pride that is hard to describe. It is truly a joy to see their hard work pay off and witness its incredible impact on our customers.

So, from your experience, how do you think the role of technical production within events has changed over the years?

The role of technical production within events has undergone a significant transformation owing to rapid technological advancements. Previously, tasks such as programming slides on PowerPoint were considered complex and could only be performed by specialists. However, with the widespread availability of the software, such tasks have become more accessible to everyone. As a result, it has become crucial to demonstrate the value of our highly skilled team and distinguish between a do-it-yourself approach and professional assistance. With technology no longer a limiting factor, there are endless possibilities in what can be achieved within our industry.

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